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The Great Lessons from Daniel 12

There are key lessons about Jesus’ second coming as well as the end of times that can be learnt from Daniel 12. This is the reason why Adventist believer has been staunch followers of this Book and chapter because it explains the troubles that will be there during the end of times. Though not very many people would like to talk about the end of times, extensive research about this chapter has been done for very many decades and most of the scholars were apprehensive about giving the exact answer. This is the reason why it is good to get deeper and understand it better. This is the primary reason for developing this savvy lead.

First, Seventh-day Adventists have had a very keen interest in this Book of Daniel and out of this, has been their robust element. Daniel describes end of times to full of troubles that have never been experienced before. The times according to Daniel will have three timelines which will be 1260 days and he called this “time” then there will be 1290 days and he called this “times” and 1335 days which he called “half a time”. This is what has thrown off all Bible students for very many years. To have a better understanding of the Book of Daniel as well as how the passage has been structured, it is quite advisable to have a good understanding of Aramaic and Hebrew languages which are used in this book. This explains why some say that Bible is quite complicated but what they forget, to understand it better, it is good to lay a good foundation of knowledge so that you can connect how it is connected to the modern history and lifestyle.
The study has revealed that over the years, the study about Daniel 12 enables believers to have good knowledge about the second coming of the Lord and also get a clear guide map so that they can enhance their relationship to the same second coming when the abomination which is believed to be the cause of desolation starts. In nutshell, there is a need for you to understand several studies from Daniel 12 and this is the main reason for developing this piece.

There are several themes that have been of interest to all Adventist Christians such as the Theme of Time of Trouble, the Sabbath, the Resurrection, the Beast’s Mark, Jesus’ Second Coming, the Atonement Day and more. The lessons from Daniel 12 triggers more love than ever before towards the coming of the messiah as well as the great desire to witness his second coming so that he can bring to an end the conflicts which have been there for ages and which has been a major focus for several millenniums.
The terms used in the Bible should not make it hard to understand because there are reliable studies that can help you understand the various differences between the terms used and there will be no confusion in regard to Daniel 12 timelines.

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