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Strategically Located Hostels Having All Necessary Amenities.

Students living in off-site hostels enjoy lots of freedom and fun since these places have all needed resources and facilities. Students are availed with luxurious, spacious and affordable apartments for rent by certain service providers. The apartments are rented at low prices and are located strategically near the campus and nearby shopping center. Students choose preferred apartments as there are several options based on the number of bedrooms ranging from one, two and three bedrooms. Students can consult with the onsite management team availed to handle all kinds of maintenance issues and other concerns affecting the residents.

The apartments have all necessary amenities including kitchens, specially designed bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, and dining rooms. Each kitchen consists of an oven, refrigerator, air conditioners, dishwasher, microwave and cooling systems for conducive conditions. The apartment owners are dedicated to ensuring that students live comfortable and enjoyable lives by availing all basic amenities such as water and electricity. The complexes have a huge parking lot to avail residents with reliable and ample parking space at all times. Large and elegant closets, cabinets and storage compartments are made available for tenants to keep their items and clothing.

Tenants are allowed to live together with other roommates to save on costs as these rooms are large enough to accommodate as many as five persons. The apartment owners cater for water bills, pools, fitness center, garbage collection, and all maintenance services. There are clubhouses located near the apartments where students can visit for leisure and interacting with fellow students. Numerous shopping malls are just a few meters away from the apartments and students can purchase household goods and items from these shops. Some of the goods available in the shopping malls include outfits, edibles, hotels and gas filling station as well as grocery stores. Free WiFi connectivity across the apartments allows students to do their assignments by conducting online research. Students can hold discussions with other students for studies in the quiet and conducive business center having computers and tables.

A laundry facility is opened at all times so that students can take their clothing for washing whenever they want. Students can use public buses, private cars or ride their bikes to school since it is located near the main campus. The clubhouse offer great chances for students to hold parties and other kinds of social events. Hot water bathtubs and large swimming pool inside the apartment complex allows residents to relax and swim. The apartment owners have designed a fitness center having the necessary facilities to allow students to exercise and undertake physical fitness activities. Each apartment has a private study room with perfect environment for students to read and concentrate on their studies.

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