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Major Car Maintenance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Almost every car owner has basic car maintenance knowledge, this helps them to keep their car in good shape and prevent costly repairs, knowing how to maintain various parts of your car is vital as you avoid replacing them with new costly ones, good car maintenance elongates your car life as well. Despite the increased basic car maintenance knowledge a considerable number of car owners overlook some things during maintenance which results to costly repairs, this is mostly associated with ignorance, overconfidence or negligence. Preventive measures are far much better than control that is why it is cheap to maintain a car than to repair, but many motorists are the culprit of poor maintenance which cost them hefty repair charges, this article outline a few mistakes several car owners make during car maintenance to help you avoid repeating them in the future.

One of the major mistakes in car maintenance most motorists make is a failure to do regular checkups, few people have a written routine to check things such as oil levels, engine power transfer belts among other vital components that need a routine checkup for ideal car maintenance, most people do sporadic car checkups which sometimes they forget or take too long when it is almost too late, it is recommended to maintain regular maintenance as recommended by car manufacturer if you need to elongate your car lifetime, for example, you need to change oil yearly, however, do monthly check of your car oil levels and pay attention to color changes which may be an indicator for the need of oil change, it is always good to keep records of your car maintenance routine to make sure you do not skip scheduled checkup.

Most motorists assume small wears and tears particularly on car tires especially when they are on the inner side, this is a serious mistake, continuous operation of such car leads to wheel imbalances consequently more wears and tears of your braking system which can be fatal, people also tend to ignore small cracks on windshields and windows of their car, but with time they develop the huge cracks that can shatter the windshield prompting you to buy a new one which is expensive and was unnecessary in the first place.

The number of times people ignore dashboard warning lights and alerts are alarming, car owners seem to forget this is the only way cars talk to them, the warnings and alerts are indicators something is wrong with the car and needs your attention it could be the braking system, tire pressure, oil pressure of your car which is not checked and appropriate action taken could result to unwanted results. Those are common car mistakes several car owners make which you should avoid.

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