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How To Obtain Your Green Card Through Real Estate Investment

EB5 was founded to help investors to gain permanent residency in the United States in return for real estate investment. You have to identify the type of property to invest in. There is a set minimum investment amount to achieve for you to get a green card. Basically, the minimum amount is $500,000 or $1 million. Read on to know more about obtaining green card through real estate investment.

There are two programs involved. They include the basic program and Regional Center Pilot Program. As for the basic program you will have an active role to play in your investment. As for regional centers you become a partner or partial owner. Basically your investment needs to create about 10 U.S jobs.

There are certain benefits that come with real estate investment. After you have invested directly or indirectly in real estate and met all of EB-5 requirements, you can apply for the green card. You also have the advantage of gaining permanent residency for your spouse and kids who are below 21 years. Being a partial owner in real estate means that your net worth will increase through annual payments. Your children will get affordable and quality education. They will access state and federal loans and grants.

To best way to get United States citizenship is by obtaining green card through real estate. Once you have invested, you need to prove that you are a law abiding and permanent resident to qualify as a citizen.

It is essential you file an application for naturalization. You will go through an interview and take civics test. However, you should not go through this process if you are not interested in U.S. citizenship. For you to get permanent resident status, make sure you renew the green card before it expires.

Real estate is a way of creating wealth. There are plenty of ways to get income. One property will help you purchase more buildings. For example, commercial rental property to increase cash flow. U.S. properties also have the potential to appreciate as high as 20%.

There are different stages in green card processing via real estate investment. Before the start of the process, ensure you talk to an immigration attorney. The attorney will assist you with the application process. They will help you choose real estate businesses that are ideal for your needs.

The processing fee for the green card varies based on the investment you are interested in and your location. There are companies that will help you obtain green card through real estate investment. It is important you make sure that your capital is invested rightly for high profitability. The companies will provide you with an immigration attorney.

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