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Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

An organization that is working has an ultimate goal of trying to make the company and all the accompanying sections more productive in nature and in the near future. Generally lean six sigma will make the firm internal business processes to grow much better. This is done by prioritizing which are the essential steps in the organization that will lead to the maximum level of improvements. There are some tips that are necessary for leans six sigma to be effective. One of them is that there should be effective corporate governance that will allow the concept to be implemented well. The advantages of lean six sigma are numerous and they are hard hitting in the firm as a whole.

This is a concept that has been gaining popularity in the recent past due to the positive changes it brings about. Here we will consider some of the advantages that will come about with lean six sigma. Firstly, the customers will be satisfied and hence they will be more happier. Six sigma aims at improving service delivery and as a result the customers will be more satisfied. Lean six sigma will lead to an improvement of the attitude of the workers towards work. This results to making the employees become more productive because it will improve their attitude and perception towards work.

Another merit that comes with lean six sigma is that a firm that practices it will be much better than one that does not. This is because of the overall savings in terms of operational costs that it will make. In the long run such a firm will be more profitable. Six sigma will also lead to better accuracy and level of compliance. The number of defects per manufacturing span will greatly reduce. A lot of firms will have difficulties with regards to cash and its availability. The is brought about by the challenge of being unable to control the debtors outstanding.

This concept makes it possible to control how the stock is purchased and hence the cash flow problems are sorted out. We have three areas of compliance, we have audit an finance, legal and information technology of which six sigma is applicable on all of them so that there is good regulation. Lean six sigma is relevant to all these areas of regulation so as to make the organization effective generally. A lot of production firms will release more than required quantities of goods and the effect of this is destruction and waste. To finalize lean six sigma will make it possible for the customers to buy more often from you.

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