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Different Variety of Corals that are Popular in Aquaculture Production

Corals, being one of the marine invertebrates, are actually helping the marine life in a lot of ways. Corals serve as food and shelter to the marine life so without it, our marine life will die. But apart from playing a fundamental role in the marine cycle, corals are also considered to be decorations especially if you own an aquarium. But because corals are precious, illegal removal of it is punishable by law already. You can still have your own corals though if you buy from those who actually produce corals commercially through aquaculture. The next thing you got to do is to search for corals best for aquaculture and for your aquariums.

For beginners, it is advisable that they buy the Aussie Gold Torch corals. This coral moves accordingly by means of swaying depending on the water’s current. Because of these movements, this type of coral is actually considered to be one of the best choices to be placed inside your aquarium or reef tanks. You can also call this coral a Pompom or Trumpet coral because of the way it looks. Corals like this also has tentacles that can be extended during at night and when it does, all nearby corals can sting. It is advisable that you place this type of corals near other Euphyllia species.

Another coral that you should look into is the Asian Acan Frag. This is actually a coral with two heads appearance. Aside from that, it also has neon teal accents and hot pinkish base that is stunning. There are also colors like orange purple, green, red and blue that you can associate to this type of coral. When you want to beautify your aquarium, all you need to do is to buy this coral and make it as your decoration apart from its major role in the marine life. In terms of feeding the corals, all you need is to feed them with zooplankton or meaty foods to help recover its frag fast.

There is also another coral that you should check and that is the Yellow-eyed Chalice. It is a stony coral that is similar to what you see in ocean floors. But this is more special since it has more physically detailed features such as its colors. Corals like this need calcium carbonate for sustainability and other elements that it needs for it to survive. Growing this type of coral is not that difficult just like choosing the part that you want to grow then feed that part alone.

There are still a lot of corals that are best for aquarium display and reef tanks but ensure that you feed them well and that they are healthy and compatible for your fishes.
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